31 May 2006

The Art of Knitting… with chopsticks?

Well, sort of.

I wanted to tell you about my day today but thought perhaps it would be better if I stuck to blogging about knitting. I don’t think I have managed this so what I have ended up telling you is a bit about my day through an account…

Recently at a meal out with work colleagues, I commented how the chopsticks we were eating with, could be used for knitting. I was having one of my ‘KnitPlosion’ moments. Not thinking much of what I had said, I noticed that at least one pair of ears picked up and hey presto (!), I had a keen learner.

Having survived the Spanish inquisition, we agreed to meet up the following Wednesday. On the day, I brought along some yarn for my colleague’s use. After a shaky start she quickly mastered her not so pointy sticks and she was very pleased. So was I, I have actually passed along the art of knitting… This was about 3 weeks ago, she is still using the chopsticks – the scarf has a few rows now.

Meanwhile, another colleague commented how she had just been to a wedding where the bride’s mother had the idea that the bride’s friends should knit squares to make up a honeymoon blanket. Although she had knitted before she was unsure how to start again or continue in order to make her squares. After a few knitting tales from my side (some tall), we both got really excited about knitting and agreed to start a lunch time knit. We were joined by our keen starter (above) at our second meet.

Isn’t it funny, once you start talking about it you can’t stop? I have also managed to convince two other colleagues to join the group. They have made positive noises and both currently knit, but I get the sense that they don’t want to do it in public… Actually one of them mentioned today that she has thought about knitting in public but she is too embarrassed. I thought I should keep WWKIP quiet… for now. Next week they both promised, today. Next week being the next meet, they will be there…

Until next Wednesday then… and with photos, perhaps…

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