30 May 2006

Loll cardigan

I have finally decided what project to knit for the KWC 2006. It is a pattern (Loll) by Kim Hargreaves and I already have the yarn in a fabulous pink colour called 'flamingo'. Yes a de-stashing project in a discontinued yarn colour. No room for errors here. Do you think it is going to be a challenge?

By the time I construct the garment I hope it looks something like the picture… Oh yes, no lace in sight – I changed my mind.

I have noticed that a number of you have already knitted this cardi. From what I have read, it IS going to be a challenge. Any advice? I can’t wait to start but – patience! I will use the lead time to get to grips with the yarn; do a gauge swatch… a ‘fringe’ swatch…. a pattern swatch… Training in progress, no?

Oh and a thought, just a thought… I would love to see all the different versions of Loll out there in one place, perhaps worn by the owners. What do you think? ‘Calling all Loll cardigans to the Loll Gallery’?

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cranberry said...

I'm doing Loll as well, you can bounce through my blog if you wish. I do know that it's a year later (and you'd have probably done it!) but I'd say swatch and read the pattern. The decreases and increases in pattern are important. It should be 3 rib/1 slp stitch, so if you see yourself doing 2's and 4's that's wrong (ask me how I know).

I'll also advice you to chart the pattern if you can, it really helped me to get it clearer in my head.

I'm doing my Loll in calmer's 'coffee'. I wish there were a cheaper sub, but Calmer is that rare yarn that has particular knitting properties.