08 June 2006

Acts of Kindness

You know after my last blog, I wondered whether I would get very far with my unfinished project. It is called Sahara by the way – did I mention that? I don’t think so. So yes, I called it Sahara because of that travel log I alluded to . I will revisit this particular side of my knitting adventures later…

For now, those emails I sent out in desperate search of discounted yarn were answered most impressively. I got a very gentle response from the online yarn shop I had originally ordered from – Scandinavian Knitting Design. Yup they came up trumps and I was very pleased but not only this, it is the way in which they answered my plea.

First of all they wrote back to me within hours of me sending out my email. Bruce, who was my main contact, said he should have a look around to see if they could find anything. By the time I got home last night - tarrah! There were emails waiting for me. Emails of joy! Bruce had managed to find two balls of the yarn I was looking for, in their demonstration box. AND… wait for this, it was discounted… Now fellow knitters tell me – an answer to a plea or what??? He promised to send it out to me as soon as possible. Bless him and Karen who was the other person involved in saving this knitter in distress. Kni[gh]t in shining amour he was.

Hand on your brow pleaaaase damsel!! Kni[gh]t on that horse – keep that armour polished! He didn’t stop there! I was looking for three balls of yarn. The hardest to find was the main colour of course, for which they were missing one. Murphy’s law? I prefer to call it by its other name S*d’s law… Anyway, as I was saying he had another trick up his sleeve – he contacted one of the other customers, who had bought the last of this orange yarn, and asked her whether she would be using it all and whether she could spare one for a fellow knitter.

And she… bless her cotton socks… responded immediately. Her name is Claire by the way and she has her own blog (Claire I hope you don’t mind me mentioning your name and blog). Fine, Claire said. She didn’t mind helping a fellow knitter out. Of course I responded quickly… Thank you very much Claire, where, when, how? I asked. You know what she said? Free of charge. If this is uncomfortable with you, she added, then donate money on my behalf to charity. What a woman. Thank you so much Claire!!!!

Meanwhile, my kni[gh]t was still producing the goods. I wanted to receive the yarn ASAP of course, so asked how I could pay quickly in order to get the yarn and given that this was an unconventional order (I think?). Not to worry Tusa, he replied I will send you a Paypal button. He had actually gone into previous records and found out that I was Paypal set… I tell you, I was impressed. The button arrived a few hours later. On I clicked, directly to Paypal with the right amount. As easy as that.

Aahh… What a relief, my yarn distress sorted out through acts of kindness. I am charged with being a recipient of these acts of kindness and as a result want to say to anybody who is reading this, please pass it along in whatever way you can – make someone’s day.

p.s. This entry was intended for 6th June but I had connectivity issues with blogger…

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