04 June 2006

Against the Wall

You know, you read about these things in other people’s blogs and think – no not me I would not do that… Well this w/e I discovered that I had made exactly the same mistake as others have.

Last month I spent a whole day (well almost a whole day) having knitplosion moments. I had discovered that I could design my own sweaters rather than find a pattern to suit my stash… Well maybe I am stretching it here, this is more of a stash enhancement excuse.

Anyway, I don’t know why this had not dawned on me before but there I was making my first calculations for my first sweater. I researched the net and found some instructions on how to make a drop sleeve sweater. Now… I like cardigans, so I thought I wanted my first design to be a cardigan. While I was at it I decided to calculate for other sizes too.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I thought that it would be best to start with a child’s sweater. Small, short, quick and would make a perfect gift. After much time calculating the dimensions noting them down etc., I ordered the yarn from an online shop and it arrived two days later. At the time of ordering I checked out how much was in stock with the company and I noted that they had plenty…

The yarn arrived and I very excitedly cast on to check my gauge, so that I could adapt the pattern I wanted to knit. A television programme had inspired this cardigan – a travel log actually (more on this later). Now, it was time to turn this pattern into fabric… I swatched and cast on.

As usual, I flitted between this and the project I have recently finished. Normal state of affairs for knitters no? After completing the other project, I decided to pick this other one up. Happily knitting away, then I realised that I did not have enough yarn for the main colour. So I thought, easy, I will just order some more and maybe some spare for some socks later on. On, I logged, poised with card details but then smack! I ran into a dead-end… no more yarn in stock. Then I thought ok, so I will see whether other suppliers have any in stock, another wall… They don’t do mail order.. Aaarrrgghhh!!!!.

OK, I thought, I will email this and other suppliers, meanwhile I will see if others overseas stock this yarn. Of course they do in the Scandinavian countries (where the yarn is from) but I could not read the websites, they are all in Scandinavian languages… Ok, deep breaths… Q. do I have friends in these countries, I can't remember! Deep breaths... I am sure I have friends over there, but of course I could make one now!!!!

Seriously, what to do? Patience my husband cautioned, wait for a reply and then if need be find a stockist in another country. But I wanted to finish this project before next Friday!!! Well, my jiminy cricket said, you should have ordered more in the first place, how many times have you heard this happen to other people??? Shut up! I think… I hope at least one of them stocks the yarn…

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