10 June 2006

The Best Laid Plans

Those knitting world cup training sessions I mentioned were planned as follows…
    Monday – swatch to check tension
    Tuesday – ditto
    Wednesday – swatch loll fringe pattern
    Thursday – swatch rib pattern
    Friday (evening) – cast on baby!
The plan was to do this swatching on the train journey to and from work. I have an hour’s commuting time each way. Forget that work I need to catch up on this is more important…

Hello!!!! Reality check, plan very unlikely. The training sessions instead went like this…
    Monday – swatch to check tension
    Tuesday – ditto
    Wednesday – ditto
    Thursday – forgot yarn etc at home.
    Friday (evening) – cast on regardless!
Thursday as you can tell was frustrating… But I was also relieved actually. I caught up with some sleep. Beautiful except the train was so cold. Why is it that at the mere glimpse of sunshine all air conditioners go on? The result is that you wear cardigans all the time – well most of the time. My office is the same, the minute there is sunshine outside, the air cons come on. So, the only opportunities I have to show off my shoulders are at home and when walking back and forth between the train station and the office. Does this make sense? It makes stash enhancement excuses for me but come on!!!! I want to wear other knitted garments too!!! OK so that is the knitting link. Rant over… for now.

So back to my training sessions. They are not going well. I initially started with what I thought was a shortcut - knitting just over an inch square then counting the rows and stitches in an inch square. Multiplying these by 4 to get the proper picture. Clever no? Noooooo. It all got too much by Tuesday. After starting with the 5mm needles then moving down to 4.5mm because my tension was too loose resulting in too few stitches and rows; the figures got to me. How could smaller needles producing fewer stitches? They were meant to be increasing.

Jiminy was at it again. “Start again! You should have done this in the first place!!! Ha haaa!”. Aiyeeeee! So, I settled down to doing the full swatch first with the 4.5mm because earlier attempts indicated that this would hit the nail on the head. Nada! Zilch! Way to big. Reduce please… 4mm did the trick but brought up another dilemma. The pattern calls for one whole mm less needles to start with do I adjust accordingly or do I make a different call?

I will sleep on it but I CANT WAIT TO CAST ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loll and World Cup here I come… What an excellent excuse to watch footie.

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