12 June 2006

Knit One, Frog Two

I am glad I read other posts about Loll pattern before I started it. Mind you, I had already committed to it, eh. The posts gave me an idea of what to expect and, I think, reduced what would have been plenty of frustration.

So far, I have used that life line three times and I am not even half way up the back! How many times would I have frogged this if I had not done some research? Boy am I pleased... As you can see from my progress bar, I have made some steps forward since last time but I would like to have been further than this. I will keep those fingers flying!!!

Now, I hope some of you heard my contribution to Brenda Dayne’s pod cast – for Today’s Sweater. I was not expecting this to happen soon but I was very ‘chuffed’ as they say over here! It was wonderful to be included in Brenda’s show. I only hope you enjoyed listening to it. My thanks to Brenda for including me.


Michelle said...

Loved your Today's Sweater! Wish I could see it.

Tusa said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you very much for the compliment. Have a look at my link under finished objects - Roadster.

Nice blog by the way. T

Michelle said...

Found it! Good job, comfy looking! Love the color.Love your blog too.