17 June 2006

Swatch & See

Aahhh! Another glorious day in the garden. Here is a picture of dear hubby enjoying the weather outside. He is also trying to educate me on bird watching. I love it, but I just can’t remember the birds nor recognise them!

Meanwhile, I had a brainwave (sp) – a stash busting idea! Lotus Blossom Tank could be my next project after the next one... I run up to the spare bedroom but... lo and behold the yarn I had in mind does not have the tension required. Not being experienced at yarn substitution, I thought it best to give in here. The original tension required is 22sts/36 rws the said yarn tension is 24-26 sts... I have just realised as I write this... I could increase the needle size and still get the right tension, no? I think I have enough yarn to make it. Yipee! OK, ok! I am excited about LBT but I will have to contain myself. I will only start it when I finish one of the other projects... Lets see how long I hold out... Now to swatch and see... I will keep you posted.

Can you tell I am getting bored with Loll? Yes, I am... I always get like this after I have done most of the back. I enjoy seeing the pattern unfold and when it does, I get bored. Get me out of here I am only a knitter! No wonder people knit in the round. You don’t have to do it all over again. I will perk up honestly...

No footie recently. Two late nights at work (even when I was working from home) have meant little blogging, knitting, or footie. Anyway, back to the garden... Yup those roses are really in our garden. We planted them on the day we moved into the house. Aren’t they beautiful?

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