11 June 2006

Taking the Bull by its Horns

Finally! The KWC started, it is here. All that build up left me exhausted. Did I cast on at kick off? Nope! Instead I procrastinated. You see I was nervous about starting Loll, and also reluctant to lose that anticipation you get before you start a new project… But what motivation! I finally managed to cast on late Friday night. The timing was perfect, as it also coincided with another of my knitting adventures.

Over the last month, I have been trying to set up a ‘knitting circle/club’. You see, in the last year I attended knitting workshops including some by Emma King and they always left me wanting more. I very much enjoyed that knitting and chatting atmosphere including hints on best techniques from others. It seems other ladies who attended these workshops felt the same way. This year we finally took the bull by its horns and I offered to host the first meeting (10th June). Although there were lots of keen people, the take up was not high for the first meeting. I suspect it had something to do with England playing. So how many came?? Two! That includes me by the way.

We had great fun though, knitting, chatting and eating most of the day. As it was a gorgeous day outside, and we sat in my garden. Fabulous! Guess what I worked on? I didn’t get very far though because of the chatting and eating part. And other bloggers were right; the loll fringe does take ages. Because of this I am using ‘lifelines’ for the first time ever! And yes, I have frogged to that lifeline already… Anyway, one ball down and eight more to go, it is the KWC after all! I am hoping to fly after this, err… hurdle.

Will the knitting club meet again? Yes, yes, yes!!!!! We decided to give it another try next month, by which time the two founding members agreed to have finished current projects. It fits in with the KWC too. Fingers crossed! Or should I say fingers flying…

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Marietta said...

hey you were on cast-on!!!! very cool! i had a hard time casting on and watching the first match at the same time - yeah to england for winning!(though i am a germany fan :) )