22 June 2006

When it rains…

...it really pours! This week has really 'had' me at work. I have been working long hours and today, oh, is unmentionable.

I have been determined to do my knitting though which means that I have broken the back of Loll... ahem, I have completed the back that is... Now onto one of the fronts. It feels good to be here. I am actually progressing.

Meanwhile, thinking ahead, I have started contemplating blocking. I have never blocked any of my knitting and I would like to block Loll. Any advice out there. I have read about people making blocking boards or using space beds etc but what exactly do you guys do with the garment while blocking? Being new to this realm, any advice would be good.

Oh and the world cup... I could not for the life of me type while England were playing. Something happened to my fingers and they froze! Even when I tried to knit; which would have been detrimental actually, as it would have turned out very holey. England v Sweden was an absolute nightmare to watch. I have stayed away from the television since then – well actually, I could not get to it, seeing as I have collapsed into a tired heap every night. Tonight, I have just about mustered the energy to stay up and do this.
Until the weekend my friends.

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