02 June 2006

Who am I kidding?

I have finished it!!!! At last...

Am I pleased with it? Well, I have mixed feelings. I have checked and re-checked the pattern to see whether it looks on me, as it does on the model. I think it is close... The only thing I did different was to add the toggle because I prefer to have my cardis closed, partly closed at least. The loop was made out of a two stitch I-cord.

The construction once it was all knitted went well no major hiccups except I had this dread at it not looking as it should. Well, here is a photo. Let me know what you think. Does it look half decent? I think the lack of shaping is what is holding me back. I like them fitted and not sure why I did not think about this before I started. Ho, hum - you live and learn.

Tomorrow is Saturday so I will wear it all day and then make up my mind. In the past when I have not been sure of my sweater, I have waited a little and it has grown on me... Hubby says it is fine but he knows I am a little sensitive at the moment as I have just finished it after a long slog – he is nice like that.

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Marietta said...

the sweater looks beautiful as well as quite comfy - love the knitting chopstix story - classic