28 July 2006

RSS - Reading, Sudoku and Scarf

That is my version anyway...
On the train home, I usually try to find something very engrossing to occupy me for the 1½ hrs home. Depending on my mood this is knitting (very little lately) reading (lots more recently) and games. Recently, Sudoku has occupied this time, however, yesterday I was foxed! No matter how I looked at this puzzle, I was stuck! Can you help? Once you crack it please let me know the answer! Blogger is playing up so to find this please go here

You might wonder what I am reading... An intriguing book lent to me by a good friend. The book is titled
“Afghanistan, Where God Only Comes to Weep”.

I have a few more pages yet, but I will share my thoughts when I have finished.

Alice asked about the Kidsilk Haze scarf pattern. I was initially going to reply to her personally, but then thought there might be others interested. The pattern was shared for free by Shoreham Knitting, so I feel I can share too.

Kidsilk Haze Scarf Pattern

You need o
ne ball of KSH, beads (optional) and needles (any size between 5mm - 8mm)
Depending on width you desire – cast on between 45 – 60 stitches
Knit in moss stitch i.e.
Row 1 = k1, p1 to end
Row 2 = k1, p1, in other words knit so that you avoid ribbing
Row 3 = as row 1 (& add beads evenly across the row)
Row 4 = as row 2
(Repeat rows 1 – 4)
Continue until ball is about to run out then cast off (bind off).

I have made a few of these and the one pictured above includes beads.

Happy knitting!

22 July 2006

A Prayer...

I have been debating with myself whether or not to share something with everyone. I have debated long and hard and decided that I should. I am not forcing (I hope) this on anyone therefore if prayers are not your bag, you are best placed to come back tomorrow. If, however, you could do with one, or know someone who could do with one, here is one that packs a punch. For some background information just google ‘Saint Jude’ and see what you get.

St. Jude Novena
(A novena is a nine day prayer)

“Oh St. Jude
Apostle and Martyr
Great in virtue and rich miracles
Near kinsman of Jesus Christ
Faithful intercessor of all who invoke you
Special patron in times of need
I humbly beg you to whom God has given such great powers
To come to my assistance now
Please help me in my present and urgent need and grant my earnest petition
In return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked
St Jude pray for us and all who honour thee and invoke they aid

Say 3 Patters, 3 Hail Marys and 3 Glorias

How I came across this prayer? I attended a catholic school many, many moons ago where prayer was at the forefront of our daily lives. However, this is not where I discovered the prayer, although the discipline meant that I was open to prayer. I found it in a local newspaper and used it when my father was very ill. I was only about 13 yrs (I am over 30 yrs now). I have kept it since and gone back to it over the years and in desperate times.

I hope above does not aggravate/annoy anyone. What ever your choice, look after yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
I am off to prepare for my knitting club now. Later, knit sibs.

21 July 2006


What a scorcher of a week. This week has been the hottest week of the year (with the hottest day of the year) in the UK. I must admit I enjoyed the hottest day very much. I have enjoyed the last week. You see, deep, deep, deep down in there, I am a tropical bird. And guess what. It was so hot that my employer decided to buy everyone ice-cream, ice-lolly or sorbet. All 350 of us in the building. I was so impressed. It only lasted a day though.

BEFORE I GO ON, I MUST SAY SORRY FOR NOT BEING HERE KNIT SIBS! I have just not been able to and I want my blog to feel optional, otherwise… can’t bear to think about it.

So how is Loll doing – not well and I think I will stop writing about her now. Otherwise it will be moan moan moan. So tonight I will swatch for Tempting II. I want to be well on my way, ready to cast on when I get to my club tomorrow.

I have to let you in on household thing… The other day I went to turn our dishwasher on and got stuck. Admittedly, I have been a bit lax with some housework recently but for good reason. Anyway, I got the box of dishwasher tablets only to find it empty! I hate it when this happens, I really do. But there we go, so yesterday after work I popped into our local cooperative supermarket to get the supplies.

I started typing this on the train, and just as we get home the aircon really kicked in. Typical but actually I didn’t mind the warmth. You can’t win.

Have a good w/e!

16 July 2006

A Quickie…

Well, since I last wrote, I have received words of reassurance which has helped me a lot. Thanks guys. I have now completed the second front for Loll and working on the sleeves at the same time. I don’t think I could bear working on them separately – I would die of boredom!

I have not started Tempting II but, next Saturday I will (whether or not I have finished Loll). I will be attending one of our knitting get-togethers and I am really looking forward to it. I know this will put the wind in my sails (as it were!) and perhaps I will get my mojo back.

Oh yes, a moment of revelation for me. I spent some of this morning watching the motorbike racing with my hubby.

You see, he is a biker and loves fast bikes. I have toyed with the idea of joining him but I will have to see. What does he have? Well, until recently he had two Kawasaki Z1000s one classic (blue) and one new (orange). Sadly, he sold the classic. I was very sad when it went but I understand why it had to go. Anyway, I think I needed some sort of sport to keep my knitting going (and I did some knitting today) this morning which is why I joined him. I really enjoyed it too and of course supported Valentino Rossi all the way...

I did say it was a quickie so I will leave it there. Manana!

12 July 2006

My Knitting Mojo

Where is it???? I well and truly have come to an impasse, or what I think is one. I have completely lost interest in my current project – Loll. Has anyone experienced this before? At the moment we have the completed back...

And one complete left front...

Some of the right front...

And some of the sleeves...
I always do this with any knitting project, which is why I have gazillion percentage bars over the side. I usually start very well and then lose interest, then play around with another project, and eventually come back to the previous project and finish it.

I am in a bit of a bind now though because I promised myself to finish this project before moving onto another. And I really want to start on Tempting II. Argh! What to do? HELP!
By the way have you seen Eunny's FO? That girl's got knitting mojo!!!!

09 July 2006

Last kicks of a dying horse

Zidane! I have just finished watching the World Cup finals. Another intriguing match. I spent most of the actual play running around and doing other things with one eye on the game. I saw France score but missed Italy’s score. I must have been loading the washing machine at this point. Sometimes domestics get in the way! Then I decided to get busy with other things but I settled down for the last few minutes. I saw Zidane do his thing. What a shame! I thought his move to announce his retirement was a good one, whether France lost or not. It would be his grand finale; but instead it was the last kicks of a dying horse! A great shame that a great football player should go out like that. Now we are not connected to the French (I told you I get choosy) at all! Pah! Sorry sis.

Note to all: I will not blame the critical match loses on my evident ‘kiss of death’ as far as football is concerned. I would rather blame it on more tangible reasons: Rooney and Zidane. That's just me…
Congratulations Italy! I will never hear the end of this one from my Italian collegue at work. I have to brace myself.

Meanwhile, not much knits while running around the house which is why Loll has not progressed much since last night. I will keep at it though. I should be done by next weekend. I will no doubt get to that finish line steadily without pressure of those (psychological) sprinters I talked about. I will not give up. It would be too expensive and my dear husband would not forgive me after running around all DIY shops last weekend (when we were meant to be preparing for the family’s arrival) so that I could get all the material needed for the blocking board; which was of course urgently needed!

Tusa and her antics! I must dash my dear friends. More housework beckons before bedtime.
p.s. I had more picutres lined up for today's blog but blogger wont let me. Hope the blog is still entertaining.

08 July 2006

Trouble with Loll…

...is that I have lost interest in her. I went for a whole week without picking her up, partly because I was travelling up and down England and partly because she didn’t challenge me anymore. The travelling was productive though, but rather exhausting. I spent two nights in York and I managed to see some of the place but not much as I had to speed away to Bath vicinity (yes another historic town of England) but I did not get much chance to see that either. Now I want to go back to both and do them properly. By the way, if you clicked on the links, you can zoom in and out to get a sense of where the cities are in England.

So, much belly aching about my ‘duty’ to finish Loll by the end of the KWC tomorrow. This reminded me of my attempt to take part in athletics. Well the story goes like this. Many years ago while in school, I took part in athletics. I was proud to be one of the fastest runners in school. Then one season our school entered the city school athletics. After much training etc., we turned up for the competition. The our race came on and using the usual techniques I started rather steadily believing that the others in the race would tire out, as they had in the past. You know who tired out first? Me! Why? Because I had to try and keep up with them. Realising that there was no point and that they were 'fit as a fiddle' and could run miles at full speed, I gave up. It was the first time I got beat. I was so sad... But my Daddy came to pick me up and my Mummy cooked me a nice meal and the world was right again. After the lesson of course – know my limits and do my homework! I think this pertinent, now.

OK back to Loll and KWC. I remembered something I read about the Knitting Olympics. I think it was on Yarn Harlot’s blog, she advised to enjoy the games and not get too obsessive. So, ultimately, I want to enjoy Loll and not dread every minute I pick her up (at least that is what I am saying to myself, so indulge me here...); and this means I might not be finished by tomorrow, but I will be close. I feel much better having faced this reality; and given that I have lots to do around the house and the garden.

While I was away, my dear husband took it upon himself to put the plastic cover over the blocking board. I have to finish it though by stapling the gingham cover over. I should be able to use it from tomorrow. At leasst one project will be completed on time... A sense of satisfaction!

I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s match between Italy and France – I vote for France of course. Funny how the French connection is now at the forefront in the family... Usually we keep quiet about it. Indeed the (sibling like) rivalry between the British and French is such that we do not mention that side of the family unless necessary. I guess we are all holding onto something.

And what about Wimbledon? No British players in the game anymore... What happens to the British with international games? Is it not one of the games they introduced to the rest of the world? And now they can’t play it? I continue to be amazed. OK, now I am getting choosy about my nationality – I know that... But sometimes it is good to get choosy! Now back to Loll...

02 July 2006

They think it is all over…

And it really is! What a day yesterday. Had the family over again to watch footie, only to be so disappointed. We lost to Portugal and we were all very shocked. And Rooney! Could he not see that he was being set up? All he had to do was hold out and not give into the taunts. Conspiracy theories abound over here... some think Sven took a backhander to ensure that England did not play very well. And to top it all, our England captain – David Beckham – resigned. That was very sad to hear but professionally (and tearfully) done. I think there is more to what he is saying but, nicely done Becks. Well done and thanks old chap.My family’s only consolation is that France went through. We have a French side you see... No name dropping. But even that was shocking. Brazil are out! Gordon Bennett!

I am not getting on well with the knitting. Nervous tension from yesterday, then disappointment... So, today I finally got down to making my blocking board. Nothing like using a staple gun and imagining stapling... oh no, really, I don’t have a mean bone in me. So it went from thisto this...
And I got as far as gluing the foam to the chip-board - hubby helped me of course. Still the plastic sheeting and gingham to staple. [I lost interest and,] I wanted to do some knitting, as I am behind, and I have yet to start on Tempting II...
Also, had to prepare for the week ahead, I will be on the road for four days and I am not looking forward to it. Can you not tell? So, if you don’t read me, I have not had the chance to blog but maybe I would have had more knitting opportunities... Goodnight knit sibs and knit easy.