28 July 2006

RSS - Reading, Sudoku and Scarf

That is my version anyway...
On the train home, I usually try to find something very engrossing to occupy me for the 1½ hrs home. Depending on my mood this is knitting (very little lately) reading (lots more recently) and games. Recently, Sudoku has occupied this time, however, yesterday I was foxed! No matter how I looked at this puzzle, I was stuck! Can you help? Once you crack it please let me know the answer! Blogger is playing up so to find this please go here

You might wonder what I am reading... An intriguing book lent to me by a good friend. The book is titled
“Afghanistan, Where God Only Comes to Weep”.

I have a few more pages yet, but I will share my thoughts when I have finished.

Alice asked about the Kidsilk Haze scarf pattern. I was initially going to reply to her personally, but then thought there might be others interested. The pattern was shared for free by Shoreham Knitting, so I feel I can share too.

Kidsilk Haze Scarf Pattern

You need o
ne ball of KSH, beads (optional) and needles (any size between 5mm - 8mm)
Depending on width you desire – cast on between 45 – 60 stitches
Knit in moss stitch i.e.
Row 1 = k1, p1 to end
Row 2 = k1, p1, in other words knit so that you avoid ribbing
Row 3 = as row 1 (& add beads evenly across the row)
Row 4 = as row 2
(Repeat rows 1 – 4)
Continue until ball is about to run out then cast off (bind off).

I have made a few of these and the one pictured above includes beads.

Happy knitting!


Alice said...

Thanks so much for posting the pattern. That's definitely one I'll be knitting.

I'm afraid I'm terrible at Sudoku - I just haven't the right type of patience.

But I'll be interested to hear about the book you're reading.

Alice said...

Oh, which needle size did you use?


Tusa said...

Sorry! Anywhere between 5mm - 8mm

Alice said...

Thank you Tusa. I might even start later today!

Cherry Rolfe said...

That is not an easy Sudoku - I do 'diabolical' rated killers and jigsaw Sudoku and I thought I would dash you off a solution. not so. I will ponder more!!!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Okay if you want the solution read on and apply left to right - top to bottom. Definitely not an 'easy'

Marietta said...

love suduko - totally addicted - though that was too much for me - i finally listened to the cast on with you!!!! are you not cute?!?! okay, so being american here - love your accent! and they way you talk - like how you write - or you write like you talk...so much energy and excitent and super fast - like me! :)

Dove Knits said...

The FIRST 1.5 hrs? How long is your ride???

That scarf is gorgeous.