21 July 2006


What a scorcher of a week. This week has been the hottest week of the year (with the hottest day of the year) in the UK. I must admit I enjoyed the hottest day very much. I have enjoyed the last week. You see, deep, deep, deep down in there, I am a tropical bird. And guess what. It was so hot that my employer decided to buy everyone ice-cream, ice-lolly or sorbet. All 350 of us in the building. I was so impressed. It only lasted a day though.

BEFORE I GO ON, I MUST SAY SORRY FOR NOT BEING HERE KNIT SIBS! I have just not been able to and I want my blog to feel optional, otherwise… can’t bear to think about it.

So how is Loll doing – not well and I think I will stop writing about her now. Otherwise it will be moan moan moan. So tonight I will swatch for Tempting II. I want to be well on my way, ready to cast on when I get to my club tomorrow.

I have to let you in on household thing… The other day I went to turn our dishwasher on and got stuck. Admittedly, I have been a bit lax with some housework recently but for good reason. Anyway, I got the box of dishwasher tablets only to find it empty! I hate it when this happens, I really do. But there we go, so yesterday after work I popped into our local cooperative supermarket to get the supplies.

I started typing this on the train, and just as we get home the aircon really kicked in. Typical but actually I didn’t mind the warmth. You can’t win.

Have a good w/e!

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Kitty Kitty said...

Did I hear more evidence of Global Warming...? It is crazy how so many people this year are having major heat waves. Here in the US there seems to have been so many deaths related to the heat this year. Just upsetting how we have pissed Mother Nature off.

I will gladly send you the heat here for another warm week for you. For me I am a wilting flower that becomes lifeless when exposed to the heat. Though ice cream does sound nice about now.

Hope your swatch for tempting is working out.