08 July 2006

Trouble with Loll…

...is that I have lost interest in her. I went for a whole week without picking her up, partly because I was travelling up and down England and partly because she didn’t challenge me anymore. The travelling was productive though, but rather exhausting. I spent two nights in York and I managed to see some of the place but not much as I had to speed away to Bath vicinity (yes another historic town of England) but I did not get much chance to see that either. Now I want to go back to both and do them properly. By the way, if you clicked on the links, you can zoom in and out to get a sense of where the cities are in England.

So, much belly aching about my ‘duty’ to finish Loll by the end of the KWC tomorrow. This reminded me of my attempt to take part in athletics. Well the story goes like this. Many years ago while in school, I took part in athletics. I was proud to be one of the fastest runners in school. Then one season our school entered the city school athletics. After much training etc., we turned up for the competition. The our race came on and using the usual techniques I started rather steadily believing that the others in the race would tire out, as they had in the past. You know who tired out first? Me! Why? Because I had to try and keep up with them. Realising that there was no point and that they were 'fit as a fiddle' and could run miles at full speed, I gave up. It was the first time I got beat. I was so sad... But my Daddy came to pick me up and my Mummy cooked me a nice meal and the world was right again. After the lesson of course – know my limits and do my homework! I think this pertinent, now.

OK back to Loll and KWC. I remembered something I read about the Knitting Olympics. I think it was on Yarn Harlot’s blog, she advised to enjoy the games and not get too obsessive. So, ultimately, I want to enjoy Loll and not dread every minute I pick her up (at least that is what I am saying to myself, so indulge me here...); and this means I might not be finished by tomorrow, but I will be close. I feel much better having faced this reality; and given that I have lots to do around the house and the garden.

While I was away, my dear husband took it upon himself to put the plastic cover over the blocking board. I have to finish it though by stapling the gingham cover over. I should be able to use it from tomorrow. At leasst one project will be completed on time... A sense of satisfaction!

I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s match between Italy and France – I vote for France of course. Funny how the French connection is now at the forefront in the family... Usually we keep quiet about it. Indeed the (sibling like) rivalry between the British and French is such that we do not mention that side of the family unless necessary. I guess we are all holding onto something.

And what about Wimbledon? No British players in the game anymore... What happens to the British with international games? Is it not one of the games they introduced to the rest of the world? And now they can’t play it? I continue to be amazed. OK, now I am getting choosy about my nationality – I know that... But sometimes it is good to get choosy! Now back to Loll...

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