27 August 2006

Bun in the oven

A Belly full of arms and legs
Knocked up
Up the duff
With child

Please add to the list - yes we are!

Baby is due on 23rd February 2007... We are thrilled to bits! I am getting over the morning sickness which was just awful. And the exhaustion - my goodness I don't know how those of you who have or had toddlers at the same time did it! It must have been trying.

Ahem! This is why you have not heard from me recently... Now I am getting my energy back, my cravings seem to have tailed off, my waistline is disappearing but we are happy. I may actually pick up my knitting again and blog some more...

For now, I am taking my dear hubby on a surprise birthday trip for his 40th on Tuesday! I don’t think he has guessed but he knows we have an early morning tomorrow. What fun! Read you all in two weeks.

18 August 2006

Silent and Imaginary…

…knitting. There has been no progress on this front. But I thought I should put in an appearance on two counts one of them related to knitting.

Firstly, I wanted to share the good news that Ian and I have just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. And in style I might add… It started as follows.

Three days ago my husband arrived home from work looking rather excited and mischievous. After much questioning on my part and getting ‘nothing’ for a response I gave up the inquisition. Little did I know… I would also learn that my husband can’t keep a secret! Ian decided to reclaim my attention by asking whether I wanted to know what we would be doing on our anniversary (17th August). “Only if you want to tell me” I answered. He continued to smile at me inanely. There was a part of me that wanted to find out but I also wanted a surprise.

Anyway, I thought of it no more, he was after all smiling through it all. Had it been a sad face I would have pushed harder. I continued to run around to prepare for my day at work the following day (16th August). I went to bed rather tired and woke the next morning proceeded with my normal preparations. When I came in back into the bedroom to say goodbye for the day (Ian currently has so much annual leave time it is just not fair!), that inane smile re-appeared. Even more surprising Ian was awake enough to hold a conversation. I will rephrase that… he was just so excited about our adventure on Thursday that he could not contain himself! Do you want to know what we will be doing tomorrow? After similar response to the night before, he replied with “we are going to Venice for the day!” Oh my goodness! I was so excited! Of course he received lots of kisses for it. I did get to work but did not sleep much that night because I was sooooo excited!

And it was absolutely fantastic! I will never forget the day and what an array of activities we had too… A ride on the Grand Canal to the Lido for lunch then some 'culture' at St Mark's Square and getting ‘lost’ in the back alleys of Venice where we discovered some gorgeous Jewellery (of course) and I bought some Murano Glass (how could I not??!)

Knitting did cross my mind (please don’t gasp – it is just a phase and I will overcome it) but somehow finding our way to the Rialto bridge and visiting the market there dominated my head before we made our way back to Marco Polo for dinner and jetting back home. What more could I ask for? Nothing, it was just perfect.

Oh, after seeing the length of this post I have decided to leave the other news for a separate post. Later!