13 November 2006

Adventures Down Under…

So the other day I set up a mystery knitting adventure. But let me tell you about my recent travelling adventure.

At 5 months pregnant we decided to head to Australia… Yes! Down Under, to Perth where we have friends. It has been my hubby’s dream to visit the place again after his initial visit 15 years ago. So off we went. Bring pregnant I did not plan to do very much apart from visit the Swan Bells Tower where Ian’s uncle worked at the turn of the millennium to hang some bells.
I also wanted to see some of the outback so we went on a tour which passed by the Pinnacles. My first time ever in the desert – fantastic. And also see a bit of Perth and the surrounding areas. Actually, I ended up being pretty active throughout with some rest days of course!

Anyway, while we were there I thought what better time to find out if I can by some Aussie yarn especially Kaalund. I have always thought it to be very expensive but thought I might have a go this time. To commemorate a special occasion. Nyet! The only outlet I could find was in Victoria! Hours and hours away! I was so disappointed. Yet there are more outlets over here and in the US… What’s up with that? It also brought to light why Australia is also called a continent it is so huge. I could not just pop over to Victoria – much to Ian’s relief!

Ok so that mystery knitting… I am assuming you have some yarn in your stash and now ready to cast on…

So now, using Yarn A and 4 mm needles cast on 176 stitches

Beginning with a knit row and using stocking stitch complete rows as follows:-

Yarn A = 2 rows
Change to yarn B and work for 2 rows
Change to yarn C and work for 10 rows
Change to yarn A and work for 4 rows
Change to yarn B and work for 18 rows
Change to yarn A and work for 10 rows

It should end up looking like this…

Good luck! More my next blog.

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