17 November 2006

The Wrong Red

I love this time of the year. It has a special feel to it. Although dark, wet and windy, I still think it has a magical feel of its own.

Every year in my office we buy each other presents for Christmas - in secret. Ever done secret Santa? Yup! The last two years through were a shambles, and apparently I was the only one who did not know my secret Santa… I felt so left out…

This year though the team has agreed that it should be completely secret. Separate shopping (they went to the same market last year), no hinting etc. So mine would like her gift brought from India (a member of the team is out there travelling) but tough! Had we sorted this before Australia, I could have got something from there. But we didn’t and it will just have to have my signature on it!

My SS loves the colour red, and would appreciate something luxurious but I can only spend maximum of £5. So, after a few head scratching moments, I settled on the good old scarf. I headed out to my local to see what they had in stock. You know how it is you have one project in mind and by the time you leave you two other projects in mind. I will only share these other two with you once I cast on – just to be sure.

Anyway, how did I decide? I saw a lovely fluffy scarf in lavender in the shop. I touched it, stroked it, and fondled it. Yeeees… My precioussss.... Mmhh. So, next I peaked at the instructions attached to the scarf - my local, English Yarns, is really good at this. I committed the pattern to memory then decided to look for red yarn. But oh nooo… It was not going to be that simple (a scarf for crying out loud!). The colour did not quite look how I had mentally pictured it. Rather than holly red it is cranberry red. It was the wrong red! But I need to make something and soon as our reveal date is 4th December. So, I reasoned that at about £3 I could buy it and if it did not work out I would wear it.

As you can see from the photo it has turned out really well. This is the first time I have worked with eyelash yarns and it is surprisingly easy. I always thought they would be very hard to work with. This scarf feels soooo good I will have to make one for myself.

Oh and that adventure - I know that one person has joined me… The next steps for your project are…

Change to yarn C and work for 10 rows
Change to yarn B and work for 4 rows
Cast off

With right side facing, pick up 44 sts evenly along one of the side ends of the fabric using yarn B

Then starting with a purl row work in stocking stitch as follows:-

Work 37 rows in yarn B
Change to yarn A and work for 8 rows
Change to yarn C and work for 12 rows
Change to yarn B and work for 4 rows
Cast Off

Have you guessed yet?


Kendra said...

I bet the scarf will be the best secret santa present. It's a really good idea.

acrylik said...

Excellent idea for a secret Santa present and I love the colour - so rich!