29 December 2006

My first socks, and heartburn

It is 3.00 in the morning. I can’t sleep because I have heartburn. I need sleep but it won’t come. Elusive when it chooses. Instead, I decide to get some milk (helps with the acid reflux) and blog. As we are on hols it is the only chance I will get to sit at the computer... Dear hubby is glued to it most of the time – that is most of the time he is not doing other things asked to, such as decorating that nursery… That is another story of its own.

Anyway, thought it was about time you heard from me. The bump is getting bigger and my knitting mojo is still with me. Since my last blog, I also completed small project and started (yet) another big project. I made these for my mother-in-law who appreciates a fine thing or two; and she was very pleased when we gave them to her as part of her present. She put them on immediately. I was pleased to see that they fit snugly.

They are done in Rowan Kid Classic yarn, which is a favourite of mine. This was my first time knitting socks and I was surprised at how easy these ones were, however there is one down side to them. Simple as they are, they have a seam on the inside of the foot. As this is my first time knitting socks, I thought I was allowed to get away with this. The pattern was taken out of this book (I not on commission, honest!)

As for the other project… Yes, I started another and have not yet finished any of the other big ones listed down the side. It is called Forecast! I know a number of you have already knit this little number, so I have decided to join in. More about that later. Meanwhile, I panic that I have no desire to knit little things yet…


Kendra said...

Those socks look so cosy! I'm looking forward to seeing Forecast - it is such a stylish pattern.

Alice said...

I suffered terribly from heartburn (for the only time in my life) while I was pregnant. I tried everything and the only thing that helped - and instantly - was gaviscon. I used to keep it by my bed at night, along with a teaspoon. My heartburn vanished on the day I gave birth.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2007, filled with joy.

Marietta said...

i hae grown to like hot milk with honey late at night - it helps with the sleeping and the heartburn :)
as for knitting little things? haven;t gotten there either :)

Dove Knits said...

Those look so comfy!

Heartburn sucks. Baking soda helps, and is probably baby-safe, although don't quote me on that.