27 June 2007

That thing called 'Tension'…

Well I am tense. Remember I said that Elizabeth’s cardigan was looking big? Well it is big. I am too far gone to frog it and besides she can still wear it later. But I am frustrated that it is not turning out the way I wanted it to. The pattern calls for 22 stitches and 36 rows; I made three tension swatches and ended up with 20 x 38 (on needle size called for in the pattern), 21 x 38 and 23 x 40.

I decided to go for the middle tension. I made this decision without really thinking it though. If there are fewer stitches it means that the fabric produced will be looser and more likely to be on the larger side. Had I thought it through I would have gone for the last tension and managed the length of the cardigan; which is easy to do as it is the length you work to in the pattern not the number of rows. That cardigan would have probably ended up closer to the size intended. Added to this there are no schematics to measure against. So I am a little disappointed…

On the brighter side of things, Elizabeth is growing so fast that she will be wearing this cardigan in the not too distant future. With this in mind I am determined to have this little cardigan completed by Sunday.

And by the way, I also came across these via flicker. Is it not great that there are other similar ones out there? I have not read the pattern through to see who the designer is but I bet it is derived from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Sweater. I love looking at other people’s projects. Why did I not think about adding more buttons? I will have to knit the original to redeem myself.

22 June 2007

The Day After…

It was not too bad after all. Yes, Elizabeth screamed her head off to start with. It was heart wrenching stuff. We had cuddles afterwards and took it easy. She was better for it. Last night was a struggle though. She was very restless and the fact that her dad came back added to all the excitement.

We had some dramas… Nappies were changed in quick succession. And remember the sleeping bags? Well, we had a new one on last night and that got soiled. Some throwing up too… Then she wanted to go to bed with mummy; so we did. But because I was expecting to get up soon after, we slept on top and in the middle of the bed. That left little room for Ian. Bless him, he decided to sleep in the living room until I came down to collect him. He was all cramped up on our sofa.

Elizabeth’s thighs are still sore but she is better today. Taking it easy also included some knitting progress. So her cardigan looks like this so far…

And the sleeves…

Oh, and I asked hubby if he could complete that blocking board but I can’t find the fabric! How frustrating is that?

20 June 2007

Think of us tomorrow… Needles

Today, as I gave Elizabeth her bath and prepared her for bed, I cast my mind forward. Tomorrow, we are going to our local surgery in order for her to receive her second lot of vaccinations - yikes! I also thought how funny it was that I spent some of the afternoon today, knitting with her on my lap, and taking great care to ensure she was not poked with the knitting needles. Yet, tomorrow I will be holding her on my lap and letting two people poke her in the thigh.

For the first lot of jabs, Ian came with me. My little girl did not know what was happening and let out such a cry during the jabs. I held her while it happened and Ian stood behind me. Once it was all over I cuddled her and then gave her a little feed. I did not cry (then) but watched over her very carefully. Elizabeth slept for most of the afternoon after a little Calpol (she spat out most of it). Then, I made the mistake of waking her up (gently) for her bedtime preparation. I had (until then) never heard her cry with such pain before! I started bawling too. My poor hubby did not know who to console first. We soon calmed down and changed Elizabeth without the bath etc., then cuddled and settled her.

So you see, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I am dreading it. I will be without Ian and I know Elizabeth will be sleepy and unhappy for at least two days after. Think of us tomorrow…
On the knitting front her cardigan is coming along nicely. Yes, this afternoon I also thought about blocking it before I assemble it. Then I remembered that I have not finished that blocking board... I was so close! I am such a starter... I need to finish a number of things - just look at the project bars down the side here. Let’s not mention stash busting (nil) and stash enhancing (lots) efforts...

17 June 2007

Current W.I.P.

I could not think of a more imaginative title than above. Creative juices are a bit low this late in the day! But, I wanted to share a picture of my current W.I.P. This is the pattern from UK Hand Knitting Association...

It currently looks like this…

Knit as one piece up to the arms, then sleeves seperately. It should be quick but for time...
I am not sure whether I have got the tension right. In fact, when I did the swatches, I was off a bit, so I chose the closest. It might not have been that close after all. We will see when I am done. It just kind of looks too big for Elizabeth right now, although it is meant to be just right.

Talking of which, I am finding buying/receiving clothes for Elizabeth rather interesting. Every time I purchase or receive something, I think it will be fine for the future. By the time I get it out she has nearly outgrown the item. What to do? Only this morning dear hubby noted that her vest was too tight (I double checked and it was); she only got into it two weeks ago!

I better go before she outgrows my current W.I.P.!

15 June 2007


Today we experimented… well we just changed a couple of things about Elizabeth’s bed time routine. We brought it forward which meant she had to stay up longer in the afternoon (she was not happy with a few winks here and there) and we put her in her spanking new grobag (I am sure she is thankful for this – no loss of warmth). This combination seems to have done the trick. She has been asleep since 8.30 (now 11.30 pm) with minor complaints in between. And she did not put up much of a fight when we put her to bed. So, tomorrow I am going shopping to pick up some more of these little beauties for my great beauty.

Today, I also spent some time thinking about the lead up to Elizabeth’s birth. We had some dramas (which will no doubt fill these pages in the future). Being superstitious we did not buy very much until January, which meant we went into a shopping frenzy once I went on maternity leave. But this also meant there was so much to do and being heavily pregnant was a challenge at this time. Not only was I tired and lacked sleep but I also had oedema and carpal tunnel. This last bit has not disappeared completely. I am thankful that I did not have morning sickness on top of this. And yes, we panicked that we would not be ready in time.

Anyway, the point of my recollection is that I wondered why I did not blog much; I was not idle. I was also busy on the craft front. My major challenge was to wield my huge belly in an effort to make new interlined curtains for Elizabeth’s nursery. They look like this.

I am now selling these beautiful interlined silk curtains which were the previous window dressing.

Yes, I made those too. I say this because I am proud of them and I know a number of people who say curtain making is not a big deal. It is to me!

13 June 2007

Knit and Natter!

Ah well! It all started with good intentions. So there we were, four mums, four babes and four intentions to knit. What we did not count on were three intentions to fill their nappies! Our little flowers had other ideas for our hour and a bit.
We all rolled into my home, made teas, sat down and got the needles out. Then the babies declared their intentions. They all wanted to eat, and then the majority decided they wanted their nappies changed. Then they wanted to be cuddled [to sleep]. What was it that we had planned? Ah yes, knit and natter - I am ‘really’ getting the hang of motherhood; don’t plan anything! We managed to natter but the knitting…

Still determined, we consoled ourselves that talking about knitting counted. Only one of us managed to use knitting needles in the time; to cast on for a hat using this yarn in 'air'. The pattern is from Rowan magazine # 26. I was jealous. Hopefully, I can show you the progress here in future.

Although… I did manage to show off my current project. It is progressing nicely and keeping me sane on the knitting front. I no longer feel desperate to knit, as I have taken heed from Marietta and employed that sling. Wonderful things. But, as luck would have it I am also tempted to run around and do other things instead. Those quiet moments are few and far between.

That said, I would not have it any other way. It makes it all worthwhile that my current w.i.p. is for our little one. Oh and that second cardigan in __ months…

11 June 2007

Any tips???

And now Elizabeth is fast asleep. Bless her! I am looking forward to tomorrow. As mentioned before a bunch of mums and babes are coming over for a knit and natter.

Since the last post, I have tried to get on with some knitting. I figure if I am to post any knitting related articles here, I have to get on with some knitting, no? So, whilst Elizabeth is asleep in my arms (she refuses to be put down during the day), I knit using circular needles to save the poor child from being poked by her mother.

Any tips out there on how to manage knitting and babe, when babe refuses to sleep elsewhere but mummy’s arms?

Oh and last time I mentioned that I knitted a couple of cardi’s for Elizabeth before she was born. Here is one.

I still have not managed to photograph the other. Time! Things I used to take for granted…

09 June 2007


…little Elizabeth. Well it has been a very long time since I blogged. In the interim we had our little girl who was born on 10th March weighing 8lb 2oz. It was a long labour but still went according to our birth plan. We are both very proud parents of Elizabeth who delights us all the time. We love her very much!!!!

On the knitting front… I have only managed two baby cardigans in the time! I so miss knitting and hope I will get back into it soon. Next Tuesday I have other mothers from my antenatal group visiting for a knit and natter. Perhaps this is the beginning of it all again, or maybe I should just give up on sleep…