11 June 2007

Any tips???

And now Elizabeth is fast asleep. Bless her! I am looking forward to tomorrow. As mentioned before a bunch of mums and babes are coming over for a knit and natter.

Since the last post, I have tried to get on with some knitting. I figure if I am to post any knitting related articles here, I have to get on with some knitting, no? So, whilst Elizabeth is asleep in my arms (she refuses to be put down during the day), I knit using circular needles to save the poor child from being poked by her mother.

Any tips out there on how to manage knitting and babe, when babe refuses to sleep elsewhere but mummy’s arms?

Oh and last time I mentioned that I knitted a couple of cardi’s for Elizabeth before she was born. Here is one.

I still have not managed to photograph the other. Time! Things I used to take for granted…

1 comment:

Marietta said...

such a cute little sweater - hint for knitting and crying baby - SLING!!! i sling him and he falls asleep, stays asleep and leaves hands free for knitting! love it!
happy to see such a beautiful girl and you back on the scene!