15 June 2007


Today we experimented… well we just changed a couple of things about Elizabeth’s bed time routine. We brought it forward which meant she had to stay up longer in the afternoon (she was not happy with a few winks here and there) and we put her in her spanking new grobag (I am sure she is thankful for this – no loss of warmth). This combination seems to have done the trick. She has been asleep since 8.30 (now 11.30 pm) with minor complaints in between. And she did not put up much of a fight when we put her to bed. So, tomorrow I am going shopping to pick up some more of these little beauties for my great beauty.

Today, I also spent some time thinking about the lead up to Elizabeth’s birth. We had some dramas (which will no doubt fill these pages in the future). Being superstitious we did not buy very much until January, which meant we went into a shopping frenzy once I went on maternity leave. But this also meant there was so much to do and being heavily pregnant was a challenge at this time. Not only was I tired and lacked sleep but I also had oedema and carpal tunnel. This last bit has not disappeared completely. I am thankful that I did not have morning sickness on top of this. And yes, we panicked that we would not be ready in time.

Anyway, the point of my recollection is that I wondered why I did not blog much; I was not idle. I was also busy on the craft front. My major challenge was to wield my huge belly in an effort to make new interlined curtains for Elizabeth’s nursery. They look like this.

I am now selling these beautiful interlined silk curtains which were the previous window dressing.

Yes, I made those too. I say this because I am proud of them and I know a number of people who say curtain making is not a big deal. It is to me!

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