26 July 2007

Book Comment – Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter

Oh my goodness! I have just finished reading 'Yarn Harlot' by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It is such a good read. I found it a very inspiring, light and cheerful read. You know how they say a book comes to you when you need it. Well… I think they say this or I might have made this one up. Anyway, I think it was the exact right time to read this book for me. Whilst I read it for my knitting interest it offered indirect advice on parenting.

I especially appreciated the last few chapters (in connection to parenting) where Stephanie compares her parenting experience to knitting shawls for her babies. And notes that she learnt as her family grew but regrets (with her first one) that she spent too much time cleaning and less time rocking (I paraphrase here). This resonated with me and as I have recently been preoccupied (read obsessed!) with Elizabeth’s sleeping. After reading this book, I have decided (don’t know how long it will last…) to still manage the sleeping but not let it take over. I am refocusing to also take care of those periphery (and some central) issues and relations which help make the whole (another paraphrase from the book). Funny how one learns something from a very surprising source.

On the knitting front, I also found that Stephanie provided logic behind certain techniques. For example, using her witty manner she gives reasons for why some patterns call for separate knitting of the button/collar band. I this found pertinent to my current knitting adventure – Sahara. Progress report on latter to follow; needless to say I have had some adventures.

p.s. I did not call this a book review because it is not a proper review on content, style etc. And I am sure it has been done elsewhere.


Queen of the froggers said...

I look forward to seeing your Sahara, it is a lovely top.

Jo said...

Glad to see you are keeping things under control but not letting them take over, sounds lke an inetresting and useful book, I have got one of the other books from the Harlot but it is more humorous anecdotes than anything useful!

Marietta said...

It;s okay to cry - i know i do :) as long as you don't smother them, it's all good :) Oh there are moments i wish i was still smoking though....:)

Janey said...

I second Marietta! I certainly do my fair share of crying but one smile from DD and all is forgiven in an instant!

When shall we get together to put the world (both parental and knitting) to rights?

Knittings Nice! said...

Certainly a good yarn ((hehe get it) made me laugh most of the way through.