06 July 2007


Oh it is a long road to that sleep rhythm, but we are getting there. Meanwhile, the whole exercise leaves me frequently frothing at the mouth, as a result of biting down on my lower lip once to often. I hate to hear Elizabeth cry.

Yesterday, I received this...
...through the post from Rowan as the membership gift; to knit "Lauryn Shawl" by Lisa Richardson in All Seasons Cotton (Pansy). I am toying with the idea of knitting Trellis with the yarn for Elizabeth but I am not too sure about the colour on her. I think it might be too dark. From swatch photo on the Rowan website I thought it would be lighter than it is.

Receiving the package brought back memories of another Rowan subscription gift I knitted ages ago (2005, I think). I love Kidsilk haze, and was really excited when I got the gift to knit "Froth" in Trance.

It was such a pleasure to knit. Because of this I decided to knit a hat to go with it. It turned out really well until I washed it. It now looks like this.
I am not really sure what to do with it as it is too big. I had a flower on the front but once the hat got too big the flower drooped over my forehead. Sad really. I am thinking of felting the hat but I have never done this before. So, I will experiment with putting it in with some wash and seeing how it looks after that. The alternative might be to thread the hat with some knitting elastic I bought last year. Any suggestions on how to make the hat wearable again?


Queen of the froggers. said...

Froth and the hat look lovely. I chose that colour too!

Kendra said...

I hope that you get the sleep thing sorted out soon. I'll be asking you for some tips on that early next year!