04 July 2007


It has been a while since I wrote anything, but I have also been visiting other people's blogs. Meanwhile, I have not been able to write anything, as Elizabeth’s sleeping was thrown out of whack by the vaccinations. So we are back to square one, but hopefully it will not be long before she resumes her rhythm.

Elizabeth’s cardigan was finished on Saturday i.e. the knitting finished on Saturday. But because I have not been able to do much, the sewing and blocking has not been completed. I am hoping as I type this that she will sleep for at least an hour, so that I can complete that little cardi. And show it here... otherwise you will see the semi finished article.

I am also dabbling in designing, if one can call it that. I am going to be using the yarns below to create something for my little one (orginally intended for someone else).

The design is called Sahara. Knowing that there is another design out there called by the same name, I feel obliged to explain why mine is called Sahara.

About a year ago while watching Michael Palin travel across Africa, I spied a wonderful Kanga/Chitenge while he boarded a train in the Sahara desert. Because it caught my eye so much, I wondered whether I could reinterpret the pattern for a cardigan. I quickly drafted a sketch and ordered the yarn. Remember this entry? I think I have now worked out the dimensions. My only hope is that it turns out. My poor daughter is going to be subjected to wearing it regardless!


Janey said...

What a lovely cardi! i'm sure Elizabeth will look beautiful in it!

Looking forward to seeing your sahara...those colours are great!

Seahorse said...

I think Sahara will be fabulous!

The little cardi is so sweet.

Hope you all get some better sleep soon!

Sarah said...

Hoping for a good return to the sleep routine so we can see Sahara all the quicker :)