09 July 2007


The other day I received the latest Knitting magazine (British). After a long break from the knitting world, I welcomed it and sat down to browse. Lo! What happened while I was away making a baby and did not have time to appreciate the magazine? The set up is all new. It looks rather snazzy.
However… I can’t quite put my finger on it but… I also felt really let down. Why? I don’t think there was a single pattern in there that inspired me. There is not one pattern that made me want! Or made me think I need to get the yarn for it. Instead, I flicked through it rather quickly and sighed at the end. I am hoping that things get better as I have a subscription.

Perhaps after a fourth look something will appeal to me. Or maybe I should just be thankful that I am not coveting yet another cardi. As you my have noticed I love cardigans.

Talking of which, I finished Elizabeth’s little cardi and here it is
It has not been worn yet, but I think she needs a few more weeks before she can fill it adequately. When she does, I will post a photograph here so that you can see how it looks on her. I love it and I think I will make another one in the future but with a different lace pattern and maybe with a cotton yarn.


Seahorse said...

The cardi is gorgeous!

katarinaw said...

What a cute cardi! Can't wait to see it modelled!

Sarah said...

very cute cardi, a cotton version sounds sensible.

I've not seen that magazine before - I might wait to hear waht you think of the next one before I get my own sub though!

Jo said...

It's a gorgeous little cardi Tusa, very pretty. Now about this fair, it's called the 'I Made This Fair' it's on Saturday at St Matthew's Church, Worthing, (by the way I've never been to Worthing so it would be great to see a friendly face) 10-5...do come and say hello if you can, I trade under the name 'LIMEGREENJELLY' I have handmade bags, cushions and will be selling some of my handspun yarns too!

Kathleen said...

That little cardie is lovely, so delicate looking.
Yeah, I picked up that magazine while on holiday and I'm not rushing to knit anything in it either. I also thought it was a bit funny to have a crochet top on the cover of a mag called "Knitting". Maybe somewhere in the middle, but not the cover!