22 August 2007

Blocking Sahara

So much to tell all and so little time. Well, I finished the main part of Sahara and blocked her. Yes blocked her, which also means that my blocking board is finished. Finally! And thanks to Ian.
So, once the board was finished there was no excuse for not blocking Sahara and here she is in all her glory…
well not quite as I have the collar and button bands to complete. I am happy with her so far. I also discovered another thing about myself; I love to see the finished pieces laid out on my blocking board. So much so, that I kept Sahara on the board for nearly two weeks! Does anyone else do the same?

Meanwhile, thanks to Marietta’s advice on how to use Sweater Wizard (fab software there is no stopping me now!) I started another project. Can’t quite decide what I am going to call it but it is for a friend’s baby. And if all turns out well I could knit that one for Elizabeth too. I will elaborate on this project next time…
I leave you with our little one’s photo.

02 August 2007

More Jabs…

My little girl had her third lot of jabs today. It was horrible but she did not cry for long. After a drink for Elizabeth that is, although I could have done with a tall one myself, we ventured out to head home. And what did I spot?

This lot outside a Sue Ryder Care charity shop. Aahh… Now that was almost as good as a G&T.

p.s. I have been meaning to post this for a whole week! Fancy that for time warp.