28 September 2007

Knitting Sails…

The other day I had a panic. Not a major one but enough to put some wind up my knitting sails.

It was a rather cool day and I was out and about with Elizabeth. Then I started to think about the winter and how much I am looking forward to Elizabeth’s first Christmas. Then thought about how many sweaters and cardigans I could knit for her. STOP! What about the little things… What little things? I asked Jiminy. Mittens, Hats etc. Oops! I had completely neglected this. So, when I got home and declared to Ian that I would be knitting hats for Elizabeth.

There was a part of me that also appreciated quick and easy knitting for quicker results… Yup! At least one FO this year! But… I am not an experienced hat knitter, so where to start? All the books came out (not magazines that would be too easy). Ravelry and Flicker were searched. I was after a basic baby hat. After much flapping I decided to find one with a pattern and adapt it. I should have started here I would have finished the hat that night!!!! Anyway, I looked at the many baby knitting leaflets I have picked up and found one.

Without even thinking I cast on using dpns. The pattern did not call for these and tension was igonred for brevity. When it came to changing needle size I got stuck. No 4mm dpns in sight. You see, I inherited the dpns and assumed I would have the right size in there. So necessity being the mother of …. I recalled a blog I read where two circular needles were used instead. Well, I only had one set of 4mm needles so I used 3.75mm for the second set (bought the second 4mm the next day).

It was quite satisfying seeing the little hat grow and then finally worn by Elizabeth. Now I have to knit mittens to match too.

25 September 2007

Darn Typical!

There I am minding my own business. Elizabeth and I had just come from a music group at the library. This, I might add, is two minutes away from my LYS…

Anyway, we stopped in there. Elizabeth was not too pleased about this and proceeded to screech, while we were in there. My time in there was limited. Then it happened, I looked up… And I saw the exact same ‘Belle’ pattern including rib on an adult’s sweater, top actually but I didn’t care at that moment. Then I wanted to take a sneaky photo to show you on here but Elizabeth put her foot down. So I memorised that it was a Patons pattern in their vintage yarn.

When I told my husband about this, He very sagely said that it is the same with music – there aren’t many ‘original’ pieces…

Janey and Sarah - thank you for the encouragement.

23 September 2007

Original Belle?

Is there such a thing as an original pattern out there? Here I am figuring out a pattern, well I already have and I am knitting it. I really wanted to knit a baby cardigan with a 'bell' fringe at the bottom. Yes this bit is common... I have seen it in many books including on of Debbie Bliss’. The difference is that I decided to rib the body so that it looks like this.

As for the name, well, this is where this blog comes in… Nope! I am not asking for a poll as I have already decided but in the future I might hold a "name that pattern" contest. For now, I narrate my adventures. I decided to call it Megan initially, after the person it is knitted for. Then I decided to call it Bell, then the other day I amended this to Belle.

Later whilst updating Ravelry, I had to refer to a Patons pattern book. What did I find in there? A similar pattern excluding the ribbing called Bella! Fancy that!

21 September 2007

She is growing…

We are weaning Elizabeth. She is rolling over and wanting to crawl. She can say ‘tata’ or was that ‘dada’? We know she can say abooo! We hear it at night! All in all we are having so much fun that I have not had time to knit! Literally!


Yesterday, for example, we went to a baby signing class. The classes are interesting and it is impressive to see the little ones watching intently. Especially when they realise that they can use their limbs a lot more than before. Elizabeth has somehow managed to grasp ‘stop!’ at meal times. I might be imagining this, as it seems to be combined with ‘pick me up’ and cuddle me – usually nuzzling into my chest with pureed carrot still on her face. And carrot stains… The top or the baby? No brainer…


Back to knitting… Ravelry has put the wind up my sails again and I need to make time for my knitting especially as I will soon be cataloguing my hibernating projects. Perish the thought!

p.s. I left out some details on the baby signing classes’ front. Yesterday, on the way back we went over dog poo with Elizabeth’s push chair; whilst she screamed all the way home (half an hour), because I thought I could get away without feeding her until we got home. To compound the problem, she only had 20 minutes for her lunch time nap. Needles to say we had lots of cuddles later

19 September 2007


I received the invite last week. It read as follows…

“Hey there,frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!"Here you go! Thanks for your interest in our little site.Let me know if you have any questions or problems!Jess”

I am so excited!!!! And now I am photographing my stash and I am finding yarn of yesteryear.

I have also been browsing other people’s projects especially those I would like to tackle in the future and... you can cue future projects. It is such a great tool and it is huge!

The good thing about it is you can do little bits at a time which comes in handy with my little one. Oh and the other day I found this hibernating…

A Kim Hargreaves pattern from Rowan Magazine 32 - Pearl in Wool Cotton. Why have I not finished it???? I still like the pattern and yarn.