23 September 2007

Original Belle?

Is there such a thing as an original pattern out there? Here I am figuring out a pattern, well I already have and I am knitting it. I really wanted to knit a baby cardigan with a 'bell' fringe at the bottom. Yes this bit is common... I have seen it in many books including on of Debbie Bliss’. The difference is that I decided to rib the body so that it looks like this.

As for the name, well, this is where this blog comes in… Nope! I am not asking for a poll as I have already decided but in the future I might hold a "name that pattern" contest. For now, I narrate my adventures. I decided to call it Megan initially, after the person it is knitted for. Then I decided to call it Bell, then the other day I amended this to Belle.

Later whilst updating Ravelry, I had to refer to a Patons pattern book. What did I find in there? A similar pattern excluding the ribbing called Bella! Fancy that!


Janey said...

...whilst 'updating' Ravelry eh?! You mean adding stuff to your ever increasing queue?!

Belle looks lovely so far, wish I was brave enough to attempt my own design!

Sarah said...

Good work on the designing even if others were sort of there before!