01 October 2007

Knitting Fool?

One would say so. The other day I had a random thought, to keep me inspired with knitting. Well, knitting little hats that is… What if I visited Knitting Fool when ready, and whatever stitch was featured that day would be the one I use for the hat?

Good one I thought, as long as it is not lace stitch as the hat has to be functional. Never mind that I have a stitch dictionary that I could peruse at my leisure. Anyway, I settled Elizabeth. Did some housework then went online. With much anticipation I surfed my way to Knitting Fool… Wait for it… K2P2 was the stitch featured!

Who is the knitting fool? And the stitch featured today? Double mock ribbing…
p.s. photos are from knitting fool, I hope she does not mind as I did not ask permission.

1 comment:

Janey said...

I hate hate hate rib!! Did you stick with it?

Hope you and Elizabeth are ok, she's such a beautiful girl! We must meet up soon so our girls can be friends!