30 November 2007

It is finally done!

Yes but for one button, Sahara is complete and not without challenges. It has been a long journey for such a small cardigan which my poor daughter will be subjected to wearing for a while.

And there have been some lessons along the way. Now I know…

- There is a reason people stick to EZ’s percentage system and not tinker with it… I did and came up with short sleeves which I had to extend then after that noticed that the decreases were very noticeable. Something I can live with but notable.

- That I should have just bought Sweater Wizard before attempting this little project. It would have saved me lots of time and angst that is why someone came up with the programme.

- How to calculate garment (read sweater) proportions and I would have never known that one needs to pick up fewer stitches than rows for the button band so that it does not pucker.

- Why designers are called such… It takes a lot of figuring out to come up with a garment that hangs together and looks good. I bow to them.

One day, I will write out the pattern and offer it out for free…

10 November 2007

Finishing Sahara

I am nearly there. I am not idling, I promise. I would have been there had my calculations been correct. Can you spot the difference in this photo?

You got it in one. One sleeve is shorter than the other. The reason for this is that I am reknitting to extend them. When I finished the collar the other week, the garment looked fine but unbalanced as far as I was concerned… Unless of course one is going for the ¾ sleeve length. I then looked at Elizabeth’s arms… I was way off with the length. Much to my annoyance I had to frog a bit and restart. But I am nearly there now.

It has been an adventure, as there has been a lot of frogging and restarting. The collar was a challenge and I am pleased with how it turned out. When I knit this again in the future, I will change a few things, but they are minor to note now.

Talking of notes, if I had to write the pattern to this… Let’s just say that I started off with good intentions and because of my frustrations along the way, I lost sight of notation.

Voila! The next time you see her she will be complete and on my model.

So what else have I been up to? I will update you soon, but I have also been catching up with Knitpicks podcast. I am really enjoying it and the lessons therein. A bit like an audio knitting book. Great stuff.