29 June 2008

I am so excited…

And I just can’t hide it! Whilst revisiting blogs and drumming up interest in my EZ Prize Draw, I rediscovered the Sexy Knitters Club. How did I let that slip for such a long time? I have decided to join the current SKC KAL so that I can knit Aleita Shell by Bonne Marie Burns Published in Interweave Knits, Spring 2008 .

The suggested yarn for the vest Plymouth Linen Isle which is a DK yarn with a gauge of 21 stitches and 28 rows in Stockinette on 4.0 mm needles (for the vest). I have decided use Muskat by Drops Designs which is also a DK yarn but 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton. It has the same gauge in stockinette and on same size needles. Looking at the comments on Ravelry, others have substituted successfully with other yarn; so I hope it will workout. I am going for the second size which will have 0-1” negative ease.

I can’t wait until the yarn arrives. This is the only downside to buying online. The wait. It feels like I have been on a yarn diet for a long time but I am sure I have bought yarn recently. Perhaps I was not as excited before, as I am about this project.

While I was shopping, at one of my favorite haunts – Scandinavian Kitting Design, I added some yarn for Trellis for my little girl. Might as well – postagewise… That was my justification anyway. I can wait to knit that too, and as it happens both are on my Ravelry queue.

Now, all I have to do is be very strict with myself and finish my Forecast this weekend so that I can start Aleita and be finished in time for the Knitting Olympics which I am really keen to take part in.

Wish me luck!

25 June 2008

And the winner is…

Blakdove! Congratulations! I will be contacting you via Ravelry for postal address details. Well done you and looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Yes I did have a snoop around all the entrants’ projects. Some fab knitting going on out there. Where do you all find the time?

Last but certainly not least... commiserations from Elizabeth,to those who did not win. Better luck next time and thank you for coming to play.

Until next time my friends.

13 June 2008

EZ Book - Prize Draw

Last year, I bought a few Elizabeth Zimmerman books. I wanted to find out what everyone was talking about plus I wanted to knit that “Baby Surprise Jacket”. I trawled the net to find EZ books at the most competitive prices. One supplier sent me two copies of the same book. This one…

I forgot all about it, until I decided to transfer my knitting from one end of our living room to another. After much deliberation about what to do with this extra book, I have decided to offer it up to you my readers for free. All you have to do is leave your Ravelry name in the comments section; providing you don’t mind being added to my Ravelry friends list, so I can visit your blog and checkout your projects.

The draw will take place on 20th June (extended to 24th) and the winner will be announced here and contacted via Ravelry.

Good Luck!

09 June 2008

More knitting betrayals

The ‘other’ interests... More than week has passed and I have managed to snatch a few moments to post – twice!

In my former post I mentioned my other craft interests. I only managed to post about one – card making. So today I thought I should share my relatively recent experiences with another interest; machine sewing and/or dressmaking.

About a month ago, I was looking for a dress for my little one. A nagging thought reminded me that I have always wanted to make little dresses. I ignored it. After getting Elizabeth and I sorted and ready for an outing, we set off into town. I could not find anything I liked. I came home rather dissatisfied and I decided that if I want a particular dress in a specific colour, then I should make it.

So, I ordered a few patterns from Jaycotts and few days later the patterns arrived.
I thought it would all be straight forward and I could just get to it and get started… Oh noooo! How wrong I was. Instead I was faced with this…

And wondered whether I was meant to understand it???? I reviewed my collection of sewing books then found one with some help…

A visit to the library elicited this…

Next, I decided to buy some fabric and notions and this is what I got…

Later, I showed that pattern to Elizabeth’s Godmother, who is very good with her sewing machine. She tells me that the pattern I have selected is very simple but… She also noticed that I had diligently cut out duplicates of the pattern (in the size required). Apparently, I don’t need to do this!!!! All I need to do is cut out the bigger size then fold it in for the smaller sizes. I feel like such a beginner. I know... I am... It all reminds me of my knitting beginnings. Although that was the wrong way around - I skipped stages like swatching and much to my horror the garments either grew after washing and/or looked nothing like the ones in the patterns.

Apparently, after the cut, sewing is pretty straight forward. Just joining up the pieces, they say. Feeling rather nervous, I decided that I need a decent pair of scissors to make my life easier.
Do I hear procrastination out there? I still have not cut out the pieces…

Another work in progress for flickr. Until next time my friends.

06 June 2008

Home Coming!

Hey! Look who came back from Afghanistan yesterday…

…here is Elizabeth showing Ian the new routine to “Row your boat” of course… One must get their priorities right!