31 July 2008

Big Aleita Troubles…

I am having big troubles with Aleita. I am now at the stage where you knit the two fronts. Technically I am about 80% through. This seems to suggest that I could have 2-3 hours of knitting and finish it.


Last night as I was knitting the left front, I noted that it had gone past the back in length. I went back to the pattern and studied it intensely. I recounted the increases etc. and noted that I was on the right track then decided to go to bed.

When I got up this morning however, I recalled another Raveller saying that her armholes were getting far too long and she questioned whether there were too many decreases “after every 3rd row 21 times and then every other row” (to paraphrase) and so on…

I am not sure what to do. I will have to spend time reading up on people’s knitting adventures with Aleita before I can carry on – frogging is out of the question. This suggests that I will miss the KAL deadline (31st July - today). However, I might still be in time to join Ravelympics.

21 July 2008

I Can’t Count

A few nights ago I got to the part in the Aleita pattern where you split for the front. I was rather pleased with myself when I read through and managed to follow the pattern to the letter; except that it appeared off centre. The preparation for the armhole did not seem to match with the side seam decreases…

So I slept over it and by the following morning I decided that frogging Aleita to that place where I should have had a lifeline (yes I got cocky and did not put one in…) would be wise. Not wanting to wait any longer I frogged her.

Then I counted, as I should have counted much earlier in the pattern when it asks you to mark the start of the round and half way around the knitting. Ahem, after convincing myself that the designer had got it wrong and having mentally written a note to her pointing out this error; I decided to count again. Yes, I am afraid I had miscounted at the beginning. I have one side seam off centre by about five stitches.

Now, here is where I get to pigeon hole myself. I read somewhere that you can fall into one of two types of knitters.

1. those who are perfectionists or
2. those who accept the imperfections in their efforts

The first would see me frog Aleita to the beginning. This prospect I could not bear to think about. Therefore, this left me with the second option. Given that the garment is for me, and that this slight imperfection makes it that much more unique. I can live with it as long as I make sure this is the only unconscious imperfection or ‘tailoring’ I make to the garment.

As for which camp I fall into… I am (I think) a pragmatist at times. If the garment were smaller and perhaps a gift, I probably would have frogged it to the beginning.

Yours truly still counting…

17 July 2008

Guess what arrived in the post this week?

Rowan 44 in commemoration of Rowan's 30th anniversary…

And the patterns are gorgeous. The one I want to knit the most is Fontaine…

But it will have to wait until the queue is shorter…

If you have not got a copy yet visit these blogs for a preview.

11 July 2008

Blocking Frenzy!

Why? Oh why? Oh why? Did I never listen to anyone about blocking? I have finally come around to it. How?

Well, the other day I was listening to the Knit Picks podcast. Kelley Petkun mentioned that when she prepares her knitted garments for blocking she washes (by hand) then spins it in the washing machine to get the water out efficiently. I tried it and it works beautifully.

I now realize that what held me back with blocking, was my inability to get the water out of the garment without wringing it. I found this rather difficult. And of course, I could not get the water out to lay the garment out properly. I therefore ended up with rather badly blocked garments. This also meant my knitted garments went for a while before I decided to wash them… Yes, really…

Anyway, I tried this new method with my Roadster as it was looking rather sad and it came out very well. Then, I blocked Sweet and she came out rather smart. I am now blocking Onza before I move on to Forecast. Although… I don’t have the schematics for this so not sure what to block to. Has anyone ever got the schematics? I am on a roll!

See ya!

06 July 2008

My Forecast

…is finally done.

Yes! My Forecast is finished. I am still dancing around as I type this.

It took 18 months to complete but I am very pleased with it. It was worth it. I have yet to block it though…

03 July 2008

The Yarn is Here...

(Sung to the tune of 'My Way')

And now
The yarn is here
I am still excited

And then
I sit and think
What lies before me

Some swatching
Some frantic knitting
And restless nights

I sit,
Try to sit still
But I’m still aquiver

I am
I’m still excited
At what I am making

I know
The journey is long
But it will be worth it

In the end
When all is done
I will have made Aleita

Repeat chorus