27 September 2009

This End Of

…the bargain has been fulfilled! I may have not been successful with my yarn diet but I have not cast on a new project since. And that my friends, is quite an achievement with me. And…

I finished my Purple Ripple. Yay!

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Sirdar Country Style – Heather
Needles: 3.75mm and 4 mm
Size: 18 – 24 months

A bit late for intended recipient, who now has a sibling. Hoping it will fit the younger sister.

23 September 2009

It did not last…

Yarn diet! Tcha! No sooner than I said that I would not buy anymore yarn… I went and bought some more…

Recently, I bought this Jaeger yarn (20 skeins!)

and then I bought some more of the lovely Araucania yarn.

But wait for it… I did not stop there! I also bought a skein of Noro yarn.

I can’t wait to cast on with them.

18 September 2009

To buy or not to buy?

That was the question recenlty, when I was surfing the net and found some heavily discounted yarn. How long do you think I lasted?

That’s right a minute and I splashed out on some Debbie Bliss Stella (my first DB yarn ever).
I bought two packs of the yarn enough for some cardies for my girls and something for me. I did not stop there... I also bought a skein of Araucania Ranco Multy, just in case I fancy knitting some socks...
But, I have promised myself that I can only cast on with it, once I finish two of the pending projects. I am a sucker for yarn… I have already spotted something else though.

So you see, I have been busy in the knitting department just not knitting! Must dash now, write soon!

10 August 2009


It is finally done!

Here she is modeled by my DD1 who loves the cardie.

I have to admit though… My DD has long arms so I have had to extend the sleeves. Other than this I am very pleased with the final outcome.

Now… On to those other projects I have to complete… Watch this space!

03 August 2009

The best laid schemes of mice and men…

Go often askew! What did I say I would do last week?
Ah… Yes… Finish the two buttercup cardigans and start another project by the weekend. Did I do this? NOPE!

What did I do instead? I decided to catalogue all my yarn. That is right, catalogue all of it just so I know what I have. I started on Thursday and finihsed on Saturday. And frankly I needed to do this. I forgot what I had!

I forgot I had this
and asked myself why I bought it… Then I remembered this
and planned more scarves… And I got excited about this

vintage yarn (Sirdar). What will I knit with it? Ahh... Yes... the pleasure of fantasizing... It was all worth it in the end.

This week I will definitely finish one of the Buttercups. I think!

27 July 2009

Oh dear!

I have got startitis and stashitis again. I am dying to cast on for Provence Baby Cardigan (below), one of the projects I have in my queue on Ravelry. I know, I know… the queue down the side needs to be updated and I will do this as soon as possible. I never seem to stick to what I have planned though.

My next project should really be the Lotus Blossom tank

but I fancy casting on for Provence, which I plan to knit two of. One for Elizabeth and one for Catherine. I think I shall knit Catherine’s first, as she is growing rather fast. Then next, Elizabeth’s which I will need to resize, as the pattern only goes up to 24 months. I need to knit it for 2-3 yrs. Any suggestions as to how I resize a pattern.

I know what it is! The thrill of using a new yarn. I have never used Jaeger Aqua before; the yarn I plan to use for Provence. But like LBT, these cardies are planned for august, so I am sure I can cut myself some slack. For now maybe I should just swatch. My goal then is to finish both Buttercups by 31st July – next Friday! Yikes!

As far as stashitis goes… I am not able to cure it quickly. No money in the bank you see... But, I have promised myself that as soon as finish one of my hibernating projects, I can buy more yarn… And now I can also buy from the US (another story!) I don’t know what to do with myself! I must finish that Loll as soon as possible – I only have the sleeves to go. Deadline for this??? Well that depends on how quickly I can knit all the others in the queue to allow me to get back to Loll.

Oh dear!

20 July 2009

Nearly a year…

Has gone by and not much knitting since. But I have been productive! Here is to introducing Elizabeth’s baby sister Catherine.

Catherine was born in May is 8 weeks old. She is a very content baby and loves her older sister and we are very happy to have her. Indeed blessed to have her.

I am currently working on Catherine's first knitted garment i.e. by me. It is the same pattern as the one I have been working on for Elizabeth, which is nearly finished.

My own pattern (Buttercup cardigan) which has evolved as I have gone along… Will share once it is complete.