27 July 2009

Oh dear!

I have got startitis and stashitis again. I am dying to cast on for Provence Baby Cardigan (below), one of the projects I have in my queue on Ravelry. I know, I know… the queue down the side needs to be updated and I will do this as soon as possible. I never seem to stick to what I have planned though.

My next project should really be the Lotus Blossom tank

but I fancy casting on for Provence, which I plan to knit two of. One for Elizabeth and one for Catherine. I think I shall knit Catherine’s first, as she is growing rather fast. Then next, Elizabeth’s which I will need to resize, as the pattern only goes up to 24 months. I need to knit it for 2-3 yrs. Any suggestions as to how I resize a pattern.

I know what it is! The thrill of using a new yarn. I have never used Jaeger Aqua before; the yarn I plan to use for Provence. But like LBT, these cardies are planned for august, so I am sure I can cut myself some slack. For now maybe I should just swatch. My goal then is to finish both Buttercups by 31st July – next Friday! Yikes!

As far as stashitis goes… I am not able to cure it quickly. No money in the bank you see... But, I have promised myself that as soon as finish one of my hibernating projects, I can buy more yarn… And now I can also buy from the US (another story!) I don’t know what to do with myself! I must finish that Loll as soon as possible – I only have the sleeves to go. Deadline for this??? Well that depends on how quickly I can knit all the others in the queue to allow me to get back to Loll.

Oh dear!

20 July 2009

Nearly a year…

Has gone by and not much knitting since. But I have been productive! Here is to introducing Elizabeth’s baby sister Catherine.

Catherine was born in May is 8 weeks old. She is a very content baby and loves her older sister and we are very happy to have her. Indeed blessed to have her.

I am currently working on Catherine's first knitted garment i.e. by me. It is the same pattern as the one I have been working on for Elizabeth, which is nearly finished.

My own pattern (Buttercup cardigan) which has evolved as I have gone along… Will share once it is complete.