03 August 2009

The best laid schemes of mice and men…

Go often askew! What did I say I would do last week?
Ah… Yes… Finish the two buttercup cardigans and start another project by the weekend. Did I do this? NOPE!

What did I do instead? I decided to catalogue all my yarn. That is right, catalogue all of it just so I know what I have. I started on Thursday and finihsed on Saturday. And frankly I needed to do this. I forgot what I had!

I forgot I had this
and asked myself why I bought it… Then I remembered this
and planned more scarves… And I got excited about this

vintage yarn (Sirdar). What will I knit with it? Ahh... Yes... the pleasure of fantasizing... It was all worth it in the end.

This week I will definitely finish one of the Buttercups. I think!

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