20 September 2010

Sunflower! My first dishcloth...

Pattern:Sunflower by Lisa Vieneau

Yarn: Rico Design – Creative Cotton

Needles: KnitPicks Options Interchangeables – Acrylic 3.5

Modifications: None

Verdict: A good pattern kept my interest and looks good so far. Recommended.

Apparently, dishcloths are what you knit when you are bored with your current project. I got bored with mine. It has been on the go for 4 yrs; the cardie we shall not mention. I still have to finish it though before I can start anything else. And guess what? I have a birthday coming up soon…

Believe it or not I cast for this dishcloth three times! Third time lucky they say. Actually, I gave up by the third time. Why? Well… The first two times I cast on using 4.5 and 4.0 mm needles. When I waved it about (half way through the knitting each time) to my darling hubby and eldest daughter, they tried hard to see what it was. Not a god sign. So I ripped - twice. On casting on for the third time, I was pleased with the feel and carried on. I have yet to ask my family what they see…

13 September 2010


Not much knitting to show for this last week but oh look what bounty we harvested from our garden.

My first pumpkin ever, lots of tomatoes and courgettes (zucchini). To turn into a coach, footmen and horses. No wait! Food - pumpkin pie, salad and gratin. Yum!

06 September 2010

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit…

That will be the sound I will be hearing soon! I have now resigned myself to frogging my dear Martha (Rowan Magazine 28 - Felted Tweed). She was a pleasure to knit and will be remembered well for hugging me, warming me, complying with me and now pleading with me to be recycled before she is completely devoured.

Why does she have to be frogged? Moths!!!!! They have consumed my dear Martha. Actually they have made three holes in the cardigan. Two by the front button bands and one in the back. It would have been sensible to save the cardie had these holes not been so wide or conspicuous!

Never mind! I plan to salvage the yarn which could (in theory) be recycled into Tangled Yoke by Eunny Jang. That is… After the yarn receives some Yarn Harlot treatment (freeze and thaw repeatedly until satisfied) and then stored in one of those vacuum bags until I am ready to use it. Sadly but understandably, this yarn must be denied the company of other yarns – just in case.

30 August 2010

Boleros Done!

Pattern: Sirdar 2174 – Bolero for Girls 1-12 yrs

Sizes: 1-2 and 3-4 years

Yarn: King Cole Premier Value DK – Pink (022) - 2 skeins

Needles: KnitPicks Options Interchangeables – Nickel 3.25 and Prym Circulars - Metal 2.5

Modifications: Looser gauge and lengthened sleeves

Verdict: A good pattern, and although one might find the lace irritatingly fiddly, it is worth the effort. Recommended.

They are finally done. What a race to get them done; to match the dresses my girls wore for a friend’s wedding last Saturday. The second one was completed literally half an hour before we left for the wedding (about 30 minutes drive away from where we live).

And… They only wore the boleros for another half hour... The sun came out! All that effort to get them done in time! Never mind. Winter approaches…

16 August 2010

Look at these little beauties.

Pattern: Provence Baby Cardigan by Classic Elite

Sizes: 12-18 months and 4-5 years

Yarn: Sirdar Country Style – Greystone

Needles: KnitPicks Options Interchangeables – Nickel 3.25 and 3.5 mm

Modifications: Looser gauge (to get larger size)

Verdict: Great pattern and highly recommended.

I taught myself continental knitting whilst making the first cardigan. It was a bit slow to start with but I soon found my rhythm. I wanted to learn continental knitting because I have heard that it is quicker than English style. With two children under 4 years, I need all the knitting speed I can get. I will keep you posted on this front, but so far, so good.

I finished the second one last weekend. My older daughter was so pleased with hers when it was finished that she danced around in it and (much to my delight) wore to the (windy) beach. It is a tad big on her (probably suited for 4/5 year old) but will see her through at least two winters! I hope…