06 September 2010

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit…

That will be the sound I will be hearing soon! I have now resigned myself to frogging my dear Martha (Rowan Magazine 28 - Felted Tweed). She was a pleasure to knit and will be remembered well for hugging me, warming me, complying with me and now pleading with me to be recycled before she is completely devoured.

Why does she have to be frogged? Moths!!!!! They have consumed my dear Martha. Actually they have made three holes in the cardigan. Two by the front button bands and one in the back. It would have been sensible to save the cardie had these holes not been so wide or conspicuous!

Never mind! I plan to salvage the yarn which could (in theory) be recycled into Tangled Yoke by Eunny Jang. That is… After the yarn receives some Yarn Harlot treatment (freeze and thaw repeatedly until satisfied) and then stored in one of those vacuum bags until I am ready to use it. Sadly but understandably, this yarn must be denied the company of other yarns – just in case.

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