20 September 2010

Sunflower! My first dishcloth...

Pattern:Sunflower by Lisa Vieneau

Yarn: Rico Design – Creative Cotton

Needles: KnitPicks Options Interchangeables – Acrylic 3.5

Modifications: None

Verdict: A good pattern kept my interest and looks good so far. Recommended.

Apparently, dishcloths are what you knit when you are bored with your current project. I got bored with mine. It has been on the go for 4 yrs; the cardie we shall not mention. I still have to finish it though before I can start anything else. And guess what? I have a birthday coming up soon…

Believe it or not I cast for this dishcloth three times! Third time lucky they say. Actually, I gave up by the third time. Why? Well… The first two times I cast on using 4.5 and 4.0 mm needles. When I waved it about (half way through the knitting each time) to my darling hubby and eldest daughter, they tried hard to see what it was. Not a god sign. So I ripped - twice. On casting on for the third time, I was pleased with the feel and carried on. I have yet to ask my family what they see…

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